Planting season!

Hi Friends! I promise to post the cheese recipes tomorrow! This week has been crazy busy!


In the meantime… Guess what I did today!!! As part of my goal of working toward owning my own care farm someday, I figured I should start learning as much as possible about organic farming. I found an awesome farm owner a few towns over who was kind enough to “let” me hangout and plant crops today. The weather was TERRIBLE, but seeds need to grow, right? The day was incredibly interesting and I learned a lot of little stuff I didn’t know before. (For example: the best time to transplant seedlings is on a cloudy day so the fragile roots don’t get burned up in the sun.)  Julie, the farm owner, was awesome about answering all of my questions and even fed me lunch in addition to sending me home with two dozen fresh eggs. (Guess I’ll make omelettes for breakfast tomorrow!)

In addition to a great learning experience, I gained sore muscles, very muddy shoes, and a feeling of relaxation that I haven’t felt since the hubby and I moved to this tiny apartment in the city. It seems I’m a country girl at heart and need a bit of dirt under my fingernails to feel sane. Who knew?

I plan to continue volunteering at the farm once a week throughout the summer and can’t wait to keep you all posted on what I learn! Happy Wednesday!


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