The Benefits of a Two Day Vacation

The benefits of a two day vacation:

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t exactly a vacation, but boy was it rejuvenating! This past week, I was sent to Jackson, Florida to go to a “Counseling for Careers” workshop. It was very informative and I learned wonderful things to bring back to my co-workers, but the best part was the hour every day I was able to sit out in the sun.

This short, two day trip reminded me of the benefits the sun brings to us. Living in a place where it is currently March and 15 degrees outside can be draining. Many of us spend hour upon hour inside waiting patiently for the warm air to return. All the time, getting a bit more gray as the days pass. It’s not until the first warm spring day that people start to come alive again.

The benefits of the sunlight are well known: vitamin D, improved sleep quality, and even prevention of some cancers. However, my favorite gift from the sun is the warm, happy feeling I get when I am outdoors for an hour or so. There is a bit of science behind that happy feeling the sun provides for us, but the important part is that it is proven to increase mood and decrease depression. How cool is that? Free therapy!!! Especially in the colder states, people are not outdoors nearly enough in the winter and it is bringing us all down! We need to do something about our primarily indoor lifestyles.

The moral of my story is this: Feeling down? Take a walk, sit out in the sun, find a friend and go on a picnic, sit by a gigantic window, or take a two day vacation to somewhere you can get a tan!


One thought on “The Benefits of a Two Day Vacation

  1. I completely agree! It’s in the 50s at my home today. A little chilly, but the sun is shining in a completely blue sky and I’m loving it. My mood is definitely better on sunny days. Glad to hear you got a little bit of sun-time during your work vacation!

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