5 Minute Meditation

Take five slow, deep breaths. Do you notice any changes in your mood and stress level?

Five-minute-meditationAs a counselor, I work with many people who talk about high stress and anxiety. One of my favorite methods of relaxation can be done in five minutes wherever you are. I like to call it “taking five.”
You’ll see why!

There are five steps:

  1. Breathe in while counting to five.
  2. Hold your breath for four to five counts.
  3. Breathe out while counting to five.
  4. Count to four or five before breathing back in.
  5. Repeat!

Do this five times or more.

That’s it! You’ll feel tension melt away and the ability to focus on the task at hand will return. In an earlier post, I wrote about some of the benefits of meditation. (find it here) This is a simple way to lower your heart rate and blood pressure and reset your psyche for the day. It can be done anywhere and it is easy to remember.

Keep growing!


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