What the heck is a GMO?


This acronym has been flying around the media lately. GMO stands for the term Genetically Modified Organism. Essentially, they are organisms that have been genetically tampered with by scientists in a lab. Some GMOs are as simple as modifying the genes of an apple so that it doesn’t turn brown when it is sliced. Others are a bit more harsh like crossing corn with a pesticide so that the vegetable itself repels insects.

You, like many others, may be thinking “hmm, I wonder how that corn affects my body?” Excellent question! One of the big controversies about these new “organisms” is that there isn’t enough research on the long-term effects of consuming GMOs. How are they affecting our bodies and at a very basic level? Are they affecting our genes too? There are many people who support GMOs as they claim to increase the world’s food supply by creating super plants that withstand pests and droughts. I suppose the big questions is, at what cost?  How do these new “super organisms” affect your wellness and the wellness of our population as a whole?

If bug repellent laced corn isn’t for you, check out the new Non-GMO Sourcebook. This book is bursting with non-GMO food and agriculture products. You can find it here. If it REALLY is something you want to get involved in, contact your state representatives and let them know you would like them to support GMO labeling bills. These bills would require food companies to label GMO ingredients in their products so consumers can make educated decisions about what they are eating and feeding their loved ones.

You may have noticed many question marks in today’s post. That is how I am feeling about this topic. There are so many unanswered questions in my head when it comes to messing with food at a genetic level. At what point have we gone too far?

Check out www.non-gmoreport.com for more information on the subject.
I learned a ton from this site and started following them on Facebook too!


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