Does your diet affect your mood?

Have you ever noticed that your mood improves when you eat certain foods? For many people, there is a strong connection between what they eat (or don’t eat!) and how they are feeling. There is science behind this! According to,”Recent evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for our mental health and that a number of mental health conditions may be influenced by dietary factors.” By beginning to keep track of which foods make you feel happier, you can work on adjusting your nutrient intake to combat feelings of sadness, anxiety, stress, and more!

Here are five steps to a healthier diet and a healthier attitude:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetable!   This may be one of the most important steps. Studies show that people who consume fruits and/or vegetables daily feel more content. I guess mom was right!
  2. Eat regular meals   Skipping a meal (especially breakfast) makes people feel irritable, overwhelmed, and stressed out during the day. Whether you’re a three meals a day or five snacks a day person, try to keep it regular. Our bodies are made to be on a schedule.
  3. Stay away from sugars and processed foods   If you can’t pronounce it, it probably isn’t good for you. Aim for whole foods like meats, vegetables, and grains that haven’t been through 30 machines to get to your table.
  4. Water, water, water!   You’ve heard it over and over. Many doctors and scientists recommend 8 glasses a day, but everyone is different. Try to observe how you feel after drinking 4, 8, 10 glasses a day. Once you figure it out, try to stick with the amount of water that keeps your body running smoothly.
  5. Variety   Too much of one kind of food can create imbalance and it’s super boring. Try to vary the foods that you are eating. This provides your body with the different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that it is designed for. Not sure what to buy? Consider a farm share! Each week you will get all kinds of new goodies to fill your table with!

Keeping track of your food and figuring out how it relates to your mood can be difficult. Consider using a food and mood diary to figure out which foods give you the biggest boost. I made one for you!

Click on the link to download it now! Happy eating!

Food and Mood Diary

food and mood diary logo


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