Spring Fever

The winter months in Massachusetts can get pretty dreary.

1920086_768320238519_1229890856_n 1972374_769776001159_172259015_n

Over the past few months, I found myself in hibernation mode. With March around the corner, my brain kicked into green mode and the itch to grow something hit me hard. As many of you know, the growing season in MA does not start in February. So, I bought myself a nice indoor piece of sunshine. Adding this little bit of color to our room has really brightened up the space. 

In addition to my little spring purchase, my husband and I took full advantage of the bright, sunny, 45 degree day yesterday and went to explore the park up the street. There is nothing better than a bit of melting snow to make a New Englander smile! I’ll be very glad that I have my little plant in the coming week when the temperatures drop back down into the 20s again! Yikes!


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