Have You Considered a Local Farm Share?

So, last fall my husband, our apartment-mate, and I bought a farm share for the first time and we have been in fresh vegetable bliss ever since! For those of you who have never been introduced to this local food wonder, a farm share is kind of like buying stock in a local farm. You buy your share at the beginning of a designated season and enjoy fresh foods for weeks to come! The price varies depending on what the farm charges weekly. For example: if I were paying for a 6 week winter share at $35/week, I would pay $210 up front and then have fresh food for the next six weeks. For our farm share, we pick it up weekly at a local chiropractor.

The benefits of these programs are numerous. You get to support the local economy, choose whether to go organic, get to know your neighborhood farmers, and be confident that the food you are feeding you family is fresh and in season. I love that it is a surprise every week and forces us to try foods that we may have never had before. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is on the upswing as people return to their local food markets where they know what they are really paying for.

If this sounds interesting to you, check out localharvest.org and find out where you can sign up!

For those of you in the central and eastern MA area, we use heavensharvestfarm.com. They seem to do a new share every season, where some other farms only offer shares during the summer. They also do eggs. If you have never had eggs fresh from the farm you have never lived! They are glorious!

Happy eating!


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