An Introduction: Why I’m Here

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I have a secret dream.

According to people who know things, I am “highly educated” and therefore should be overflowing with opportunities and contentment. However, after growing up in the woods of New Hampshire, I found myself in a cramped inner-city apartment feeling over-educated and under-fulfilled. I started this blog because I believe that many people can work toward wellness by returning to the basics. This is my first step along the path to achieving my personal goal of creating a space where people can find contentment through growing food, raising animals, hiking in the woods, creating new things and reconnecting with the planet. Eventually, I hope to open a therapeutic farm (known as “care farming” in the UK) where people can come to plant, create, reconnect and grow.


3 thoughts on “An Introduction: Why I’m Here

  1. That’s a great goal – I believe in returning to basics also, but atm we’re just doing it in our suburban way – chooks in the back garden and growing what we can according to how much energy we have to invest and other small ways, and I suppose by the things we don’t do. But I guess it’s a process.

    • I believe it is a lifelong process for sure! I also think that it is great to have goals for what you want to do. For me, I have to have a new goal each time I reach one or I get really lazy and start to feel down. Do you have any goals for your suburban garden?

      • That’s a good point. Our gardening goals are fairly vague – to eat more of what we can grow ourselves……But tbh my husband is more the one who runs the gardening, I just don’t have the energy for now. On the whole our lifestyle is not bad in terms of living lightly and well, but I like the idea of specific goals, thanks 🙂

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